Seamless global integration of QDA into decentralized ERP infrastructure

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Project overview

A global manufacturer of plastic products at more than one hundred locations uses QDA LIMS software to enable cross-site processing of inspection orders. Furthermore, the goal of the LIMS software is to create comparability between the plants through identical evaluations of the same materials or products.



The QDA LIMS serves as a system for the laboratory for data collection as well as for quality management and development as a tool for evaluations. QDA is used as a central system for all locations of a business unit. One challenge here is to standardize the different processes and philosophies of the locations in a LIMS system. Another challenge is the connection of the decentralized ERP systems. As part of the project, different IT systems and working methods had to be harmonized in a LIMS.


The QDA LIMS module is used in direct connection via our module for ERP integration with the decentralized ERP systems. Here, inspection planning is mainly carried out in the SAP QM module and the location-specific standards stored there are used. In some cases, several ERP systems communicate with a common laboratory and its QDA LIMS database.

The application area of the QDA solution concerns the complete order control, from the receipt of the sample, the sample preparation, the pre-treatment and measured value recording up to the later usage decision. Furthermore, an evaluation of the collected measured values in the form of test reports, forms as well as business intelligence reports is carried out subsequently to the order planning.

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The respective test devices and systems are addressed directly via the QDA LIMS using uni- or respective bidirectional interfaces, and the results of the respective tests are read out using predefined rules. The customer uses various types of interfaces, ranging from serial interfaces to file import interfaces and web service interfaces. It is crucial for the customer that all measuring devices are connected to the QDA LIMS in order to realize a fully automated data collection. By connecting the test equipment, the resources of the employees are saved, as they can completely take care of the daily business. In addition, the time required for order processing is optimized, as the effort required in the inspection process is reduced. By linking test equipment to QDA LIMS, the customer ensures that all tests are controlled by the laboratory and that tests can be compared at any time.

man is sitting in a lab and work on a computer

The use is not limited to the basic function of a LIMS. At many locations, QDA is used for data collection for incoming and outgoing inspections or for related analyses, such as compound releases. Furthermore, QDA is used for the laboratory-internal execution of test equipment capability analyses. Due to the high degree of configuration possibilities, a reuse or further use of the data can be achieved here for a complete consistency within the customer’s application.


The fully automated data collection leads to a more effective use of capacities in the laboratory. The employees are thus able to primarily pursue their day-to-day business. The fully integrated and digitized process provides better transparency of the overall process, as all process steps are mapped via the LIMS. By concentrating on the day-to-day or core business, the throughput times for inspection orders could be reduced.

The digitalization of the laboratory processes enables the customer to have a paperless laboratory.

The central storage of all relevant data of a business unit enables a worldwide comparability of materials (finished products, raw materials, etc.).


Outlook into the future

Together with the QDA SOLUTIONS project team, the global roll-out is currently being realized. By reusing generic templates, resources on the customer side are saved and the connection of sibling locations can be carried out within a few weeks.

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