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This page will give you insights into the IT aspects of quality management software solutions for you to evaluate. You will learn why our customers’ IT managers are so enthusiastic about the QDA QMS solution.‎

Challenges for IT Managers – evaluation and operation of Quality Management Software (QMS)

The digital transformation in the industrial environment is progressing ever faster, and with it the demands on you as an IT manager are also increasing. Users and managers in the specialist departments are identifying suitable solutions for themselves, with a strong focus on day-to-day requirements. This means that the focus is less on IT aspects and much more on the technical content aspects, such as quality management, the functions and the possible results for themselves as users.

You and your IT team often are informed late about what is to be purchased and afterwards you are expected to somehow be able to implement it with your IT team and ensure its operation.

Moreover, you and your IT team will need to master a variety of software systems, tools and processes – mainly large systems, such as an ERP, AES, MOM and CRM, plus a variety of specialized manufacturing-related topics, such as RPA, OPC UA, HMI, SCADA and IoT.

At the same time, you and your companies will benefit from growing your importance as a key contributor to Digital Transformation. According to a study reported by IT news service Golem, 3 years ago only 15% of companies saw you and your IT team as co-creators of change and in only 6% of the companies surveyed was IT seen as a proactive innovator. This includes statements such as “Innovations are never driven by IT!” or “When it comes to new requirements, our IT offers no solution!”

There is we come in – to help you as an IT manager with our QMS software QDA and strengthen your role in the company with the QDA QMS Solution – against the general trend of increasing complexity and the growing hurdles in implementing new systems.

How QDA SOLUTIONS can help you to increase the quality in your company with QDA

We learned early on that you and your IT team expect the latest integration capabilities, as well as valuable support in the areas of maintenance, IT security and administration, and comprehensive SLAs. These are precisely the expectations that QDA SOLUTIONS meets.

We integrate our QDA platform with your existing systems via our APIs – in most cases for the existing ERP and MES system. QDA SOLUTIONS is a valuable partner to drive digital transformation and digitization in your operations for you and your IT team.

Here is an overview of which IT requirements QDA meets every day to satisfy the high demands of IT managers of our existing clients, and advantages for you:

One platform as the basis for all IT and QM requirements

With QDA, you get a complete QMS software platform with a licensing model tailored to your needs and designed to keep your IT spend under control in the best possible way. QDA is a modern and modular QM solution, just as IT teams expect today. It is optimally scalable and highly flexible. Combined with our services offerings (consulting, development, support), no gaps are left open once implementation is complete. QDA deploys the apps and tools you need, to meet a large number of use cases.

The structure is modular

It's a modular quality management platform

the number and type of modules are customizable

APIs to connect all established systems

Multilingual by using Unicode

High database compatibility

i.e., MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, CITRIX- and AMAZON WORKSPACE-ready


Our APIs allow you to develop integrations to connect your ERP, MES, PLM, CMMS/MMS, instruments, or sensors.

Overview ERP and MES connection

Some features …

  • Master data from ERP to QDA,
  • Production orders from ERP to QDA,
  • Batch release from QDA to ERP,
  • Specification management (from MES/PLM to QDA),
  • Quality data download to ERP or data warehouse and data exchange to
  • Materials, suppliers, and clients

Example SAP Integration

Standard connector for SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA. With the Germanedge SAP Adapter, we offer you a standard interface for SAP that allows you to connect our QDA advanced quality management solution and 3rd party systems to SAP easily and cost-effectively. The interface is certified by SAP SE and is valid for all SAP systems. You can read more about this interface on our subpage “ERP Integration“.

Statement of an IT manager who uses QDA with our ERP-SAP Connector in his company

The programming effort was zero percent!
The fact that we no longer have any programming effort was and is the decisive advantage for us when using the connector. The necessary configuration is done automatically by QDA. The same applies to upgrades and updates. This has enabled us to reduce our total cost of ownership by up to 70 percent compared to a project/customer-specific SAP interface.

Measurement data ‎integration

With QDA, you get an open system that allows you to import your measurement data via standard interfaces, such as, e.g., QML, DMIS, i++, and standard 3D measuring machine protocols. You can find detailed information on our solutions page for “Measurement Data Management Software“.


QDA also offers sensor or SCADA integration of your peripheral devices (e. g. MDE, BDE, measuring systems and measuring devices via RS232, USB, OPC, via USB, Bluetooth and WLAN) enabled via web services (e.g., AWS, Azure, …).

In short: All established file formats are possible. You can connect to all your systems – all established file formats are possible. You get the link to all scenarios you have in use – e.g., DEA, Edixia, Datamyte, ELISA, HOLOS, Mora, Leica, Leitz/Quindos, LK, LMI, Metrologic, Perceptron, QS-Torque, Stiefelmayer, Calypso, Wenzel/Metromec, Zett-Mess, Prelude, Karthe/MTA, Steinwald or Siemens S7 – also via file formats such as, e.g., XML, qs-STAT, DMIS, Cat, Zeiss UMESS, CSV or PLA.


Secure, scalable, and easy-to-manage QMS software for IT Managers

Authorization, Authentication, Federation


The QDA API uses tokens for authentication (authToken), which enables very granular authorization management.

Support of PKI cards is guaranteed as well as the secure encryption of data by the SSL/TSL standard. Security standards, such as password encryption according to the AES-256 standard, are also met. And options such as SAML 2.0, OAUTH and SSO are also possible.

All-access is defined by user roles, which can be set at any level. Users can be assigned multiple user roles and access rights. The System Administrator role can be assigned to multiple users.


Additional features:

  • Segregation of Duties and Least-Privilege administrative access – secure connection of external and internal clients (departments, customers, suppliers, partners, … ).
  • Detailed logging of user login and usage via license management.
  • Segregation of access on roles as well as on an organizational level, including multi-level segregation of data access via department ID and/or filter grouping, to help global organisations
  • Client authentication is based on the OpenID Connect protocol.
  • Access token is provided via an API request.
  • REST API, SOAP API and JSON interfaces are supported.


Using Custom Code

Custom Code can be developed according to industry best practices and follows OWASP guidelines. We create Custom Code Dynamic Dependencies so that the underlying libraries can be properly patched. In addition, Custom Code modules enable the highest level of protection for the surrounding modules, and  (input) data is specially prepared to avoid injection attacks. Monitoring tools at the platform level include Prometheus or Garfana but also many more.

In addition, constant monitoring assures that the application’s code is free of vulnerabilities, and secure development practices and application security tools are integrated into the SDLC process.


  • Migration of legacy systems to QDA
  • System Maintenance (monitoring, support, training of personnel)
  • Fast implementation and integration into the existing system landscape – SaaS, on-premise, or (industrial) cloud …
  • Improve data quality and integrity
  • Monitoring of all systems involved – Reports that are designed to be comprehensible and quickly help with valuable statements
  • Support for local use while at the same time globally interlinking processes globally. Wether you need distributed, decentralized or central data storage – we are there for you.
  • Short implementation times thanks to proven tools, processes, and many years of experience – deep configuration options while preserving standards and stability …

Benefits of the QDA Quality Management offers you as an IT Manager

  • With QDA you get a modern QMS solution: It is based on the latest technology standards
  • Flexible licensing plans – from on-premise to cloud to SaaS
  • With QDA, fast implementations are possible: “Plug and Play”.
  • QDA offers you a high level of IT integration: fully customizable
  • QDA is easy for you to manage and provides you with seamless support

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