Quality Management Software

Are you looking to improve your product quality and customer satisfaction? Do you have to comply with constant updates to regulations at the same time? Our QMS software gives you an overview of all processes in your company, automates tasks with ease and increases customer confidence.

What is quality management software (QM software)?

Companies require quality management in order to ensure that products and services operate correctly and meet standards and legal requirements. Not all of these steps can be done manually. Staff has to record properties, define inspection plans, monitor tolerances, evaluate results and apply everything in the production cycle.

Sophisticated quality management system software seamlessly processes and automates all data collected from measurement systems and integrates them into a common software platform.

Advantages of our QMS software “QDA”

Our QMS software, QDA, offers sophisticated solutions for the manufacturing industry. Make your production more sustainable by reducing waste. Save money with predictive calculations: users are informed before problems even occur. Exchange information quicker and react with agility to the modern demands of the industry.

Benefits for you

  • Inspection costs compared to manual data entry: reduction of 46%
  • Information flow: 55% increase by eliminating error-prone paper recording
  • Scrap: reduction of 23% thanks to less production downtime

Complex work processes are making manual processing increasingly difficult. Equip your staff with sophisticated quality management software.

SPC Software

Avoid production problems: Optimize production parameters, such as tolerance limits, in order to lower costs and increase productivity, ensure error-free data collection and implement control processes.

LIMS Software

Reduce paperwork, errors and uncertainties. Optimize laboratory workflows, from data collection to analysis certificates. Integrate production processes with other business areas.

Complaint Management Software

Automated workflow and integrated data from other relevant areas streamline your non-conformance management. ISO standards and FDA mandates are incorporated. CIPs (Continuous Improvement Process) and CAPAs (Corrective and Preventive Action) are also connected and consolidated. The results are easily analyzed in intuitive, targeted reports and the necessary measures can then be taken.

Supplier Relationship Management Software

Extend your quality standards to your suppliers with our supply chain management solution. Incoming inspections, audits, corrective measures and non-conformance management are integrated into the system. It also ensures compliance with ISO/TS, VDA and QS 9000 standards and provides you the means to proactively assess your suppliers.

Traceability Software

Traceability encompasses data from all product areas, from all batches and products. It ensures that each and every aspect of a product is recorded along the entire process chain and that, in the event of abnormalities, all components can be evaluated in a short time and with little effort.

Calibration Management Software

All measuring and testing equipment is recorded and managed in QDA. Maintenance, service and calibration dates are communicated automatically. When combined with QDA SPC, the production operator is informed of this at an early stage.

Measurement Data Management Software

An MDM system is part of quality management. The management tool enables you to meet ever tighter tolerance levels with higher productivity. An MDM tool helps you manage complex audits and analyses, enabling you to reduce your costs, increase your profit and can make profitable decisions.

APQP Software

The structured APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) process enables companies to ensure that products meet customer requirements. The method is applied at an early stage of project management, before cost-intensive errors can even occur.

Highlights of our QM software

Inspection costs compared to manual data entry: reduction of 46%

Information flow: 55% increase by eliminating error-prone paper recording

Scrap: reduction of 23% thanks to less production downtime

QDA modules on mobile devices

Our quality management software can be used on all mobile devices – via app or web browser. Easily capture data both online and offline. You can also use our technology platform to reduce operational costs. 

Design of the Quality Management system and dynamic solution

You can configure the QDA modules and tools to suit your requirements, as our quality management system offers a wide range of options and possible combinations. For instance, you may start with one or two modules and add more when your quality assurance requirements and production processes develop further.

Our customers include global corporations from various industries as well as regional small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). You, too, can save time and resources with our solutions. Make informed decisions about design, production and assembly.

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Our all-inclusive solution. This type of integration only requires login data. It can be used on Amazon Workspace, Azure, Oracle, Citrix, Terminal Server, etc.


We install the QMS software at your premises.

Operating system – requirements

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  • 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Windows 10 (or higher)
  • 4 GB RAM (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • 20 GB of available storage


Integration in databases

  • MS SQL Server Express
  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
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