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In order to ensure high-quality products, you must regularly check your measurement devices and have this check certified. Tools and equipment change over time, however, as a result of wear, damage or adjustment, for example. They are then no longer compliant with the necessary standards. On this page you can learn how to manage your inspection tools with our software.

What is a gage management?

Gage management is part of an integrated quality management system. It ensures the quality, reliability, usability and operational readiness of gages in your company and is used to monitor tools.

Good gage management software integrates numerous functions for tool management and gage management. It is based on all relevant measurement system analyses (MSA).

Tool monitoring is of great importance when it comes to manufacturer liability. In the event of damage, it is essential to be able to provide reliable evidence of the test results. Calibration management software ensures that the system only permits tests with calibrated tools. This helps you avoid manufacturing errors that would result from inaccurate measurements.

Disadvantages of production without calibration management software

Without tool management, you run the risk of producing a lower quality product and having to make costly adjustments to your processes. Tools must be accurately calibrated, as measurement inaccuracies lead to manufacturing errors. Rigid calibration intervals also result in high costs.

Advantages of using tool management

Using a tool management system allows you to automate and optimize calibration processes and intervals. By reducing scrap, you cut costs. Good tool management provides complete traceability from the gage to the measurement. You benefit from
gage and tool output management and the ability to trace the tools used.

Advantages of our tool management software

Our software optimizes your production processes. It ensures cost control, traceability, gage analysis, and gage workflow optimization. By integrating with other QDA products, you can also ensure compliance with all required standards.

Added value through the use of our software

Reduction of service, maintenance and monitoring costs by 20%.

Integrated automation processes save 80% of the time needed for creating calibration lists, tracking, etc.

Escalation management reduces the time spent tracking down missing tools and late calibrations by 90%.

By linking data collection and tool management, you can be 100% sure that only valid, calibrated tools are used for measurement.

Features of our tool management software

Update tool cards automatically

Create customized reports easily

Keep track of deadlines quickly and easily

Save time and avoid errors by transferring measurement values directly from digital measuring devices, inductive probes, RS232 machine interfaces and 3D coordinate measuring machines

Monitor tools according to any desired criteria, such as expiry date, storage location, user, etc.

image of a list

Automatically document change and inspection history

Save time on test planning – by using group test plans and referencing standard tests

Use our software to check which tools were used with which settings to measure a product. The tool monitoring software fulfills the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO/IEC 17025 and MSA (measurement system analysis). It is compatible with MIL-STD-45662A and ISO 10012-1 report formats.

Benefits for you

The tool management system provides verification and calibration of measuring instruments. It generates schedules and priority reports for calibrations and automatically notifies you of any necessary actions via email. Auditors appreciate being able to trace the maintenance history for a particular tool in relation to its audit history.

All relevant gage capability analyses, inspection plans, control charts and calibration data help you make important production decisions. This daily gage monitoring meets the requirements for inspection and traceability.

Integrate your gage management with production-related measurement tasks. When measuring instruments cease to perform properly, you can easily trace any parts that have been measured with it using the data collection function. This reduces the number of recalls your company has to handle. It also avoids large accumulations of paperwork.

Important features

Control the availability during inspection planning and allocation of tools by linking to SPC, incoming inspection, MSA and laboratory inspection planning

Sealing (testing interval is frozen)

Freely definable tool reports (lists, gage label and inspection reports)

Printing and layout creation using Microsoft Word, HTML, XML, csv, etc.

Calculated characteristics and formula links

Management of operating resources possible

Our solutions are available on all mobile devices through the app or your web browser

Data can be captured both online and offline. By using our technology platform, you can also reduce operational costs.

QDA can offer any deployment option desired by the customer


All-inclusive: QDA + database can be hosted on Amazon Workspace, Azure, Oracle, Citrix, Terminal Server, etc. The choice is yours. You only need a login for this.


We install the tool management system at your premises.

Operating system requirements

man is sitting in a lab and work on a computer
  • 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Windows 10 (or higher)
  • Minimum 4 GB system memory (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • 20 GB free storage space
  • Databases: Compatible with MS SQL Server Express, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL
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