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The food industry has a great deal of responsibility when it comes to quality and, in particular, food safety. In addition to a steadily growing number of legal requirements with regard to traceability, origin, and hygiene, social pressure on the industry is increasing sharply. Consumers increasingly value the importance of ecologically and economically sustainably produced foods while protecting the environment and animals alike. Private-sector tests and quality marks (e.g. QS – Quality and Safety; IFS – International Featured Standards) have significantly tightened in recent years and international norms ISO 9000, ISO 22000 for food safety, SMA, HARPC, HACCP, or GFS have become the standard.

A large number of quality assurance measures have to be implemented in daily practice. The number of tests of food for residues, undesirable substances, and microbiological contamination has experienced a boom among our customers in the food industry. Requirements regarding product information (“the informed consumer”) are omnipresent.

QDA provides full assistance. Interfacing with measuring equipment for temperature monitoring or weight control is very simple. Inadequate calibration leads to considerable measurement inaccuracies, can cause manufacturing errors, costly adjustments to the manufacturing process, and severely impair your overall product quality. Our quality management software supports the creation and implementation of maintenance and cleaning intervals for the machines. Images and text information can also be added during the test to document that it has been carried out correctly.

Incoming goods are also often critical for our F&B customers; If there are delivery deviations, a supplier complaint can be created directly, a supplier evaluation can be carried out and measures can be initiated with the additional action management tool. To ensure full traceability to your suppliers, PoC documents of your suppliers can be added using QDA. With automatic sample planning, you can configure the system so that it is adapted to the AQL sampling system.

Despite very good quality management, incidents can occur. The QDA traceability module links quality data with traceability information for complete transparency. Product and process-related quality data can be specifically traced back to specific batches and combined, which means that basic analyzes and meaningful findings can be documented with measures. This makes it easier to determine, check or define units of food that are limited in time and/or in terms of quantity.

The connection of our CAQ system to MES or WMS systems is often part of our solution for our customers in the food industry. Any requirements can be quickly implemented via our API interface and/or event bus.

5 reasons why transparency is a must in the food industry

Easier compliance

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Increased customer trust

Increase in production efficiency

Identification of risk potential

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Improve decision making

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