Supplier Relationship Management Software

Supplier relationship management software enables you to improve, control and evaluate your relationships with your suppliers. This page explains how our supplier management software can support your business.

What is supplier relationship management?

Supplier relationship management systematically manages a company’s relationship with its suppliers. By making suppliers a part of the overall quality management process, you are in a better position to monitor supply chains.

Before starting to work together, you define the requirements you have for your suppliers. You can then check whether your suppliers meet your requirements with the supplier audit. Good supplier relationship management (SRM) software helps you to check suppliers and supplier parts on a regular basis.

Disadvantages of production without supplier relationship management

  • Without supplier relationship management, you are unable to assess criteria such as price, quality, reliability or sustainability. This negatively impacts your own production.
  • The quality of your supplier parts has a significant impact on the quality of your end products.
  • You learn about problems when it is already too late and are not able to react appropriately.

Advantages of using supplier management

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  • Integration of suppliers into your quality process
  • Development of long-term supplier relationships
  • Improved customer satisfaction thanks to lower fluctuations in the quality of your product
  • Reduced risk for the company thanks to the monitoring and assessment of supplier performance
  • Increased supplier performance
  • Compliance with norms, guidelines and standards
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Advantages of our supplier management system

In order to ensure optimum added value and high-quality end products, suppliers all over the world must implement your quality standards. The QDA SRM software handles the monitoring and ongoing improvement of supplier products.

Our integrated supplier relationship management meets VDA and ISO 9001 guidelines as well as APQP, PPAP and PPR standards. It involves data collection and dynamic random sample planning. The SRM software, in combination with non-conformance management, makes it possible to automate the process. This also includes traceability with suppliers.

  • Reduction of evaluation and monitoring activities by approximately 15% through informative supplier evaluation; this will lead to optimal production processes.
  • Dynamic random sample planning optimizes the planning and implementation of goods receiving inspections by at least 20%.
  • The integrated workflow ensures that supplier complaints are processed and reduces the time required for complaints management by more than 20%.

Features of our SRM software

Our supplier management system integrates ERP, incoming goods, supplier audits as well as action management and complaint management. It adheres to common standards such as ISO/TS, VDA and others and ensures ongoing development of your suppliers.

Inspection of incoming supplier batches across the following areas

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Inspection planning

Definition of sampling plans and inspection plans

Data collection

Determination of the scope of inspection, e.g. by means of dynamic random sample planning; recording of goods receipts

Assessments/­grading and escalation management

Internal communication and communication with suppliers using 8D reports; management of retrospective complaints



Creation and continuous maintenance of the supplier evaluation

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Our QDA solutions can be used on all mobile devices through the app or your web browser. Easily capture data online or offline. By using our technology platform, you also reduce operational costs.

In the line of fire

How you benefit from our supplier management software

Our supplier management software ensures that your resources are used in the right place with the built-in random sample planning. Focus on the right suppliers on the basis of performance and KPIs.

Combine measurements (hard facts) with assessments (soft facts) to always have a complete picture of supplier performance. This will increase your product quality and shorten the time to market.

Fast communication with your suppliers thanks to automatically created complaints based on the results in the incoming goods department. Save up to 75% of the time your staff would otherwise spend creating and managing supplier complaints with this software.

Enjoy even more benefits of our supplier relationship management software when used in combination with QDA’s SPC and data collection solutions. This allows you to keep track of the entire supply process and identify any anomalies in a timely manner. In this way, you reduce quality costs and prevents faulty parts from entering production.

Integration of SRM software


All-inclusive: QDA + database can be hosted on Amazon Workspace, Azure, Oracle, Citrix, Terminal Server, etc. The choice is yours. You only need a login for this.


We install the supplier management software at your premises.

Operating system requirements

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  • 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Windows 10 (or higher)
  • Minimum 4 GB system memory (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • 20 GB free storage space
  • Databases: Compatible with MS SQL Server Express, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL
man is sitting in a lab and work on a computer

Our software provides integrated application security through the definition and management of user roles. Support from Active Directory ensures seamless integration with your existing Active Directory, QDA role synchronization with AD groups, and management of users across the company.

Support for PKI cards is also guaranteed, as well as the secure encryption of data according to the SSL/TSL standard. Security standards, such as those for password encryption according to the AES-256 standard, are also adhered to.

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