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OnDemand Webinar

How to map all key technologies & processes into a holistic quality management system

metal production

Numerous assembly and inspection technologies capture your data to visualize results with the goal of improving work processes. The big challenge is to quickly and automatically link them to master data and quality data, analyze root causes, predict production results, and keep the manual effort as low as possible in the process.

Learn how you can increase quality and reduce costs by using inspection technologies directly on the production line in our OnDemand Webinar from our expert Paul Oxfeldt.

metal production

OnDemand Webinar

How QM apps can make your life easier

Today, we are increasingly using tablets and smartphones both in our private lives and at work. The trend toward using multiple devices to access data from anywhere and interact in teams from any location continues unabated. Millions of employees today work networked – even from their home offices. This means that data is increasingly being collected not only in the production facility, but also, for example, in the open field on a wind turbine or during a test of a moving train.

Learn more about how modern quality management apps can meet the increased future and mobility requirements in quality management in our 30-minute webinar from Michael Gadau.

OnDemand Webinar

Supplier Quality

No more complaints about the quality of your product! Solve problems with your supplier before they arise!

Learn in our 25-minute webinar recording by QDA SOLUTIONS Founder and supply management expert Sven Tetzlaff how cloud-based supplier management can help you keep your promise of high product quality while saving stress and time.