Traceability software

Traceability software helps your company to prove when, where and how your products were manufactured or assembled. This provides you with product liability and ensures compliance with standards.

What is traceability?

Manufacturers are required to be able to prove the traceability of their processes at any time and to meet compliance requirements. A traceability system links processed batches to orders and processes. This ensures that the manufacturing process, including the materials used and the process conditions, can be traced.

Introduce quality lifecycle management to ensure full traceability. Traceability software helps you to minimize the costs of any subsequent problems that may arise when product liability laws become more stringent.

Obligation to produce proof and product liability

In the event of diminished quality with costly returns processing or recall actions, manufacturing traceability is essential – especially in the automotive and energy industries. If an action for damages is brought, it is up to the manufacturer to provide evidence with regard to product liability.

Traceability software supports you to easily comply with norms and standards such as ISO 9001, VDA 6.2, IEC and many more. The track and trace software also automates your work processes in order to optimize the efficiency of your human resources.

The advantages of track and trace software

Product status and history always visible centrally and in real time

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Provides the basis for strategic decision-making

Consolidation of quality data with traceability information

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Documentation tool for product liability

Reduction of the number and cost of expensive recalls

Increased transparency by linking data from audit plans, compliance reports, prototype results, etc.

Disadvantages of production processes without traceability

It scarcely makes sense to place a product on the market and distribute it if it does not meet the norms and standards. If problems were to arise in the product’s application or use, the economic consequences would be too great. Furthermore, without fully documented product data traceability, major problems can arise with insurance companies in the event of a claim.

In the food industry, for example, EU Regulation 178/2002 plays an essential role. It is designed to ensure both the safety and digestibility of food and to ensure the same requirements are applied across the member states.

Start using traceability software in your company – only with complete traceability are you truly able to put the satisfaction of your customers at the center of all quality efforts. This way you can have a clear understanding of all processes, increase value creation and production speed, and reduce cost.

The challenges of manufacturing traceability

Ensuring end-to-end traceability from raw material delivery through the individual processing steps and the status of the product

Documentation of the test results and the process steps

Communication with other systems such as ERP/MES/PDA

Labeling of each component

Recording the use of the component

Recording all assembly stages can require a lot of technical and human resources.

Capturing a large volume of data at every stage of the process is an essential prerequisite for consistent tracing.

Advantages of our traceability software

Our traceability system integrates your product and process data, thereby guiding your business decisions in a targeted manner. Your staff will be able to access the software easily and create analyses flexibly. This way, the integrated action management helps to reduce errors, extra work, and warranty claims, while also promoting “first time quality”. You can access the results of the tracing and measured values in the traceability software all at the same time.

  • 100% transparency across every single element in every product cycle
  • 100% traceability: from the supplier through production to customer feedback
  • Time saved on tracking and analysis compared to other solutions: 30%
  • Information exchange with ERP and PLM systems via the standard interfaces

Technical implementation

Your employees have access to all data and information worldwide and optional via an online portal as well. They are then able to make faster decisions about business processes and product information and shorten the time-to-market. Rapid exchange between the conception, product development, planning, design and manufacturing departments and suppliers all over the world is possible with the QDA traceability software.

Benefits of traceability

Targeted sorting and recall campaigns

Efficient complaints processing

Time and cost savings

Prevention of reputational damage

Containment of errors through batch tracing

Minimization of manual entries using online data transfer from measuring systems and controls

Fast, automated generation of reports

Functions of our traceability software

The definition of a production part that seems to require tracing. Employees can automatically locate assembly steps and materials used, e.g. from parts lists, BOM, etc.

Measurements are taken in all areas during production, including in the laboratory, incoming inspection, SPC, etc.

Properties are checked either manually or fully automatically and batch numbers are recorded. werden manuell oder vollautomatisch geprüft und Chargennummern erfasst.

The results of tracing each part produced, including its subsequent use, are displayed in the "Evaluation" module.

Use an operationally measurable milestone plan: Manage and improve your operations with QDA traceability software. This would be impossible with isolated applications. The integrated interfaces of our traceability system allow us to collect information from numerous other sources.


Interfaces to other systems such as

  • ERP, MES
  • File transfer (XML, XLSX, PDF)
  • DB-Table transfer
  • Open Control


Interfaces to measuring systems and measuring devices such as

  • RS232, USB, OPC
  • File (z.B. CSV, TXT, DFQ, …)

Traceability on mobile devices

Our traceability software is available on all mobile devices through the app or your web browser. You can collect data both online and offline. By using our technology platform, you also reduce operational costs.

Benefits for you

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Our traceability software’s added value lies in the high degree of integration of traceability in all production areas and its numerous functions. You can incorporate data into the workflow with much less effort – both data that has yet to be captured and data that has already been captured. This greatly reduces the amount of labor and technical effort required.

  • Interfaces for importing measured data from existing systems such as automatic measuring machines, test stations and PDA
  • Customizability and seamless integration into existing infrastructures thanks to macro programming language
  • Access to existing part, customer and supplier master data. Simple analysis of problems by referring back to SPC, laboratory, incoming inspection and complaint data.
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What kind of integration would you like? There are many options available.


Our all-inclusive solution. This type of integration only requires login data. It can be used on Amazon Workspace, Azure, Oracle, Citrix, Terminal Server, etc.


We install the Traceability software at your premises.

Operating system – requirements

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  • 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Windows 10 (or higher)
  • 4 GB RAM (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • 20 GB of available storage

Integration in databases

  • MS SQL Server Express
  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
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