Plant Managers

‎Today’s challenges for you as a plant manager‎

For you, as the person responsible for production, the level of complexity in products and processes and the degree of difficulty has increased enormously. Manufacturing companies are under pressure – no question about it. But which current challenges are currently particularly great, and how can they be countered? We have now compiled a list of challenges that you are certainly already facing in your company.

The top 7 challenges for plant managers:


  1. Shorter product life cycles
  2. Increasing number of variants due to more individual products
  3. Increasing order fluctuations, leading to less and less predictability
  4. Increased availability and productivity requirements, coupled with ever greater plant complexity
  5. Higher costs due to downtime, increasing safety and environmental protection requirements, new requirements such as sustainable production
  6. The shortage of skilled workers requires solutions with fewer personnel
  7. Targeted and future-oriented investments in the introduction of new technologies, networking, and digitalization (topic “Industry 4.0”)

To master these challenges, you need the appropriate software for your quality management as your central and forward-looking tool – for Quality 4.0 in your production.

This is precisely what our CAQ software is suited for.

QDA supports Quality 4.0 with a modern plant layout and traffic light system, reliably evaluates process stability and offers core tools for new development. The future-oriented document management system completely eliminates manual work, resulting in the completion of decision-making processes up to 10x faster.

QDA has long inspired plant managers

wheel with all QDA modules and tools
  • Fast and easy system implementation of our CAQ platform.
  • High ROI, low total cost of ownership. Reduce costs and increase margins by accelerating processes with less work.
  • Easy-to-use reporting tools with modern reports which answer all quality related questions
  • Cockpits, with clear presentations of data and indicators.
  • It is a scalable CAQ platform, where you can start with only one module or gradually the expansion up to all modules. Everything is possible.
  • Fully integrated into your system landscape – i.e. connection and interaction with all MDE devices incl. CMM, ERPs, MES, PLM, all interfaces and APIs are possible.
wheel with all QDA modules and tools

As part of the Germanedge Group, together with the companies Orsoft, gefasoft and newsolutions, we have developed the EdgeOne software platform for the realization of the digital factory. QDA is available on EdgeOne as well as in all other deployment models – to meet your needs.

More analysis – less administration through end-to-end data availability: The EdgeOne platform is the key to integrated digital production – our QDA CAQ platform is part of EdgeOne.

Here is an overview and excerpt of QDA software solutions for production managers

Complaint management with QDA

The QDA module for complaint management covers all processes in a plant (suppliers, customers and internal complaints). One of the major advantages is the combination of the NCM module with other solutions within QDA, such as incoming inspection and SPC

Supplier management with QDA

With our QDA module for your supplier management, you optimize the relationships with your suppliers.

The QDA Traceability Module

The QDA Traceability Module supports you in making every point in your process chain transparent at any time, where ever your product is or has been. In this way, you reduce liability risks and ensure standard conformity for your plant.

QDA APQP Software

The QDA APQP module strengthens quality management in your company to achieve quality goals and avoid errors. And through better advanced quality planning, you can see better than ever how well your project team is working together.

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wheel with all QDA modules and tools
wheel with all QDA modules and tools