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What is Statistical Process Control (SPC)?

Statistical Process Control (SPC) provides you with real-time information as to whether production is proceeding as planned, thus enabling you to intervene immediately should any errors occur. Our SPC software reduces scrap by 10% and save you a lot of time. All other advantages can be found under our definition.

These days, companies have to satisfy both the exacting demands of their customers and the applicable standards and laws. Statistical process control is essential for the production of flawless serial articles. It uses statistical methods to improve production and service processes.

Statistical evaluations make it possible to anticipate, correct and document process deviations. When significant changes are made to the process, it is possible to take random samples from a running series production line and rectify the causes of errors – thus making it easy to analyze and prove process capability.

Optimize your production processes and individually define test sequences. Find out whether production is running according to plan and where errors are occurring in real time. Quality control charts use clear graphics to present measurement data and calculations.

Disadvantages of production processes without SPC software

Errors in production are difficult to trace after the event

High costs due to lost working time and wasted resources

High complaint rate owing to spontaneous or insidious changes in the process

Serious damage to your company’s image

image of a bar chart

Financial losses due to faulty manufactured parts

Immediate disposal of defective products

Customers switching manufacturers

Choosing not to use SPC software means running the risk of damage claims, especially in industries with strict safety requirements. Our customers from the automotive industry, medical technology, food industry and aerospace industry are also well aware of this. Our statistical process control products give them peace of mind.

Advantages of our SPC software

Production processes are always subject to natural variations. They fluctuate around the target value and never produce identical results. Non-natural process variations due to changes in influencing variables, e.g. layer, batch, wear, season, or temperatures, also occur.

Our SPC software helps you to identify these factors and to predict their influence on production results. This enables you to improve the process and increase productivity.

The SPC software tracks stable processes in every production phase. Check whether your production processes are delivering the right results in real time. Waste can be reduced by 10% and quality can be increased. When complaints are lodged, data from the SPC software is used for analysis.

The time taken to complete internal processes is an important cost factor for your management team. The better your digital processes are automated, the more time and valuable effort you save in statistical process control and quality management.

Time saved with statistical process control

screenshot of qm software qda showing a control chart
  • Manual creation of test plans: 10 – 15%
  • Automatic test plan generation: more than 80%
  • Integrated complaints management system: up to 75%, as internal claims processing is no longer required.
  • Report designer: automates your weekly FLOP10 /FLOP5 reports and cuts preparation time for the weekly stand-up meetings down by 75%.
screenshot of qm software qda showing a control chart

Functions of our SPC software

Our sophisticated statistical process control software meets all industrial requirements and is under constant development. The methods and tools it uses offer many technical advantages:

Automatic test planning from CAD, ERP, and other sources

Transfer of measurement orders and inspection plans from SAP or other systems

Connection to all measuring devices, measuring machines, and automations

Presentation of all options, such as capability analysis, control charts, probability network, histogram, regression, correlation

Workflow and rule-based alarms, measures, releases, trouble-shooting guide (instructions for less experienced staff)

A large variety of reporting and analysis options

All process types, distribution forms (including self-identifying) cpk, ppk, cmk, intervention limits, run, trend, and middle third charts, are calculated or individually definable

Integration of the SPC software

There are several options available for integrating the SPC software. If you choose an on-premises solution, the data collection software will be installed in your corporate environment.

Alternatively, cloud computing via SaaS can be used. Your database can be located on Amazon Workspace, Azure, Oracle, Citrix or a terminal server. We will set up access data for you.

Your staff will quickly learn and become familiar with all functions following an in-house training course on the applications. We guarantee prompt commissioning and low configuration effort.

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