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“Don’t find fault, find a remedy” (Henry Ford)
In this text, you will learn how to optimize your complaints management and save time and costs with a modern non-conformance management software.

What is non-conformance management?

Complaints management reviews and improves measures in a continuous improvement process (CIP). It is part of quality management and can also result in product recalls. An 8D report documents the processing of complaints. Following this, measures to avoid the problems in the future take effect – long term and sustainably.

Disadvantages for production without complaints management

Complaints management is essential for processing incoming non-conformance issues. Errors are constantly repeated if companies do not continuously improve their processes, which unnecessarily increases production costs. Without complaints management, companies risk their good image and lost sales.

A supplier needs solid non-conformance management in relation to production, also to be certified. Without certification, there is often a risk of customers leaving in the event of complaints, because the supplier cannot prove the quality and reliability of its production. Furthermore, the supplier runs the risk of contractual or legal penalties if it cannot prove that standards and laws are being complied with.

Advantages of using non-conformance management

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Good non-conformance management offers you many advantages:

  • Support of a continuous improvement process
  • Improvement in corporate communication and escalation
  • Integration of different workflows for non-conformance issues
  • Reduction in the number of customer complaints
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Advantages of our Non-Conformance Management software

With our Non-Conformance Management software, QDA, you can identify and eliminate problems and comply with standards. Thanks to automated workflow definitions, you will only need a small number of employees for this. The QDA non-conformance management software allows flexible evaluations and integration with ERP systems. With integrated BI reports, you can also analyze your business processes in more detail.

The software includes ISO standards and FDA mandates. It links CIPs and CAPAs and consolidates and analyzes the results. Based on an intuitive, focused report, you can decide on further steps with the goal of reducing your complaint costs. In our non-conformance management solution, you can see all current and past complaints, the changes that were made and the processing status at any time.

Efficient input at the source

Automated processes work more accurately and faster. According to reports, the introduction of a non-conformance management system enables a time saving of 75%.

Faster data processing

RPA (Robot Process Automation) automatically imports information and communicates with systems in the process chain, such as ERP, CRM, etc. This results in an estimated time saving of 40%.

Cost visibility

Calculated costs can be assigned to each problem. These show the total cost of non-conformance across multiple issues for a defined period of time.

Linking of modules

QDA includes several modules. You can fully integrate the non-conformance management software into your product lifecycle. This speeds up the data collection that is needed for non-conformance management. The QDA modules automatically interlock with one another and the complaints management system provides the latest information.

Your advantages at a glance

Clarity of the solution

Easy-to-create, meaningful reports (including 8D) can be customized with graphical analyses and other statistical data representations.

Reduction of manual work

Less manual intervention through automated case processing parameters, such as routing, response, reporting, notifications or escalations.

Individual integration

The non-conformance management software is easy to learn and implement. It can be adapted to specific manufacturing requirements and supports 8D as well as 5 Whys methods.

Efficient supplier management

You gain insight into incoming goods problems and find solutions faster through the automatic generation of non-conformance issues

Access for suppliers

Suppliers update your requests for corrections or further information via the secure remote access feature. There is no need to re-enter supplier information.

Basis for continuous improvement

A well-managed non-conformance process provides numerous opportunities for valuable “lessons learned.” Data analysis and sorting, supported by clear graphical display options, can identify recurring errors and highlight trends. It is also possible to highlight common root causes and sort them based on parameters such as product type, date, region, plant number, etc. to drive forward continuous improvement initiatives.

Features of our Non-Conformance Management software

QDA Non-Conformance Management software provides you with analysis and traceability options, from the root cause to remedial action.


The software offers a fast and flexible way to create and process non-conformance issues. Involved persons can also be integrated into the process without using the software, e.g. via e-mail. E-mail responses are processed automatically.


After analysis of the data, the non-conformance management software provides automated results or solutions.


The software suggests solutions, for example, the “who-what-when” for remedial action.


Complaints management software reduces the number of non-conformance incidents.


The non-conformance management software can be integrated easily into existing automated workflows.

Time saving

With the software, you can process non-conformance issues faster.

An automated complaint process

Basic information and an error identification code initiate the non-conformance process intuitively. A troubleshooting guide, drop-down menus and auto-fill options support the non-conformance management software. It then automatically collects quality and history data for processing and analysis. The software identifies findings as well as solutions and forwards them to areas such as production, incoming goods, construction or others. The non-conformance management solution can also trigger remedial actions, assign tasks and set deadlines, and/or escalate for further analysis. The results clarify problems, analyze root causes, and help you make continuous improvement decisions.

Complaints management software standards and compatibility

The non-conformance management software of QDA SOLUTIONS is ISO 9001-compliant. It supports open import interfaces to ERP and MES systems.

Our QDA solution is available on all mobile devices through the app or your web browser.
You can enter data both online and offline and reduce your operational costs by using our technology platform.

Benefits for you

As part of the QDA quality management solution, the non-conformance module facilitates your work processes as a stand-alone solution. In conjunction with other QDA modules, you can improve your production processes, optimize products and discover new savings potential.

The software verifies the effectiveness of the steps taken. It detects recurring errors and supports with different workflows depending on the defect and/or product group. These inform the responsible areas and set deadlines for completion.

The selectable non-conformance types can be internal, external as well as supplier complaints, or self-named types with their own workflows. To eliminate sources of error at an early stage, there are additional automated processes. The non-conformance management software guides the user efficiently, intuitively and precisely through the various steps of the complaint process.

The complaint management software also accurately determines non-conformance costs and allocates them to items. This greatly facilitates profitability analyzes and management evaluations. The costs that are determined are forwarded to the ERP system as required.

You also benefit from automatically generated reports.

Customer processes can be integrated optimally into our non-conformance management software. You get extensive configuration and customizing options. As a result of this, you can activate or deactivate entry fields, rename texts and define mandatory entries.

QDA can offer any options as desired by the customer


All-inclusive: QDA + database can be hosted on Amazon Workspace, Azure, Oracle, Citrix, Terminal Server, etc. – the customer only needs a login for this


Installation in the customer’s environment

Operating system requirements

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  • 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Windows 10 (or higher)
  • Min. 4 GB system memory (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • 20 GB free storage space


Since our QDA software is database-based, it is compatible with:

  • MS SQL Server Express
  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
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