What does ERP mean anyway?

The abbreviation ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning”. This is a system that is intended to support a company in many areas in order to efficiently design interdepartmental processes.

Among other things, an ERP system supports a company in the following areas



Materials management



Human Resources

Our ERP Interface

With our years of experience and as specialists in this field, we easily connect QMS and ERP. This ensures that everything runs the way you want it to!

The interface allows the comparison of master data from the ERP system into QDA. The ERP system is the leader in this process. Our quality management software QDA has already been coupled several times with all common ERP/PPS systems. The communication takes place via file- or database intermediate tables and is limited to one direction, ERP -> QDA. Second, the interface performs the exchange of transaction data. Order-oriented information, such as goods receipts or production orders, are downloaded to the QDA, checked in QDA and sent back to the ERP with information for use. Here, too, communication takes place via file- or database intermediate tables.

Deviations from the standard interface are coordinated with the customer, documented and invoiced according to time and effort.

We offer interfaces to SAP, BAAN, Microsoft Dynamics, PsiPenta, InforXA, MAPICS, UB-Soft, Fauser, Coscom, TBS Prosi, ActivPlant and a general QDA ERP interface.

Standard Connector for SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA

With the Germanedge SAP Adapter, we offer you a true standard interface for SAP that allows you to connect not only our Advanced Quality Management Solution QDA, but also 3rd party systems to SAP easily and cost-effectively. The interface is certified by SAP SE and applies to all SAP systems including the newer SAP versions S/4 HANA On Premise and S/4 HANA Private Cloud.

QDA SOLUTIONS is part of Germanedge. The group currently consists of five companies that have combined their solutions into an integrated platform for production IT.

Our customers also benefit from the expanded portfolio, as they can use the Germanedge SAP Adapter, which Germanedge product provider ORSOFT brought into the group.

This interface can be dynamically adapted to local customizing in SAP by parameterization alone. Z-tables and Z-fields can be easily added to the existing interface.

In contrast to specially developed or file-based interfaces, the standard interface uses SAP’s own user administration. Authorizations in SAP are thus inherited into the QDA and it is avoided that certain users are allowed to change business-critical objects. In addition, incorrect entries are automatically avoided by using the standard transactions.

SAP integration concept

Functionalities of the Germanedge SAP Connector at a glance

  • Import of SAP master data
  • Materials, suppliers and customers
  • Import of SAP inspection plans and SAP standard plans
  • Import of SAP inspection lots as QDA inspection orders
  • Export of QDA inspection orders as SAP inspection lots
  • Integration of measured values recorded in QDA
  • Making the usage decision