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As a quality control manager, you face major challenges every day. They probably coincide with those of quality control managers at our customers. Based on what we hear in our daily exchanges, these top 5 challenges emerge:

  • Reducing defect rates and costs: Your goal is lower costs (COQ, COPQ) and thus higher profits for your company.
  • Reducing time spent – with intelligent processes and tools.
  • More efficient collaboration and integration
  • Not enough budget – the strategic importance of quality control does not have enough weight. Your situation probably fits the general situation in quality management – you also do not have enough resources & budget compared to other projects such as ERP or MES. At the same time, you have pressure to modernize outdated systems to standardize more and reduce complexity, while productivity in quality control is often burdened by “departmental thinking”. Often, modernization is needed to better standardize and reduce complexity. In some cases, quality control results are inadequate because paper, Excel, or even paper is still being used.
  • Getting the right QA systems and tools in place: Many quality controllers we speak with tell us that it is difficult to find a compelling holistic solution that stands out, from consulting to implementation support to intensive follow-up, with high consistency in inspection planning and complaints. Perhaps, like our customers at the time, you are also looking for a holistically designed software platform where you don’t have to buy a full-blown solution right away, but only the modules you need to get started. And you also require that complaint management (integration of customers, suppliers, production) and quality-oriented supplier management (supplier evaluation/auditing) should be included in the appropriate solution.

Our QDA software platform is designed exactly for these challenges in quality control.

With QDA you meet your challenges and increase your success

You will reduce your quality costs (COQ, COPQ) and get a QMS platform that has been helping our customers reduce error rates and increase customer satisfaction for over 30 years.‎

The results will be time savings and improved collaboration: through integration with your software systems, e.g. MES, ERP or your MDE devices, the creation of inspection plans, process templates, and with the smart reports and analyses. Your processes and tasks will be completed much faster and more easily. At the same time, you can ensure the continuous further development of product testing, in-process control and release testing for intermediate and finished products faster and more reliably than before.

Digital quality data acquisition and automation with QDA increases the productivity of your existing and new manufacturing steps. This makes optimizations easier and safer.

In addition, QDA is ideal use on a global scale. Separate plants can communicate with each other to improve production holistically across locations. The data obtained forms the basis for a self-learning system and accelerates the evolution of quality optimization.

The quality managers of our clients like the extensive configuration options of QDA. It is a central platform that allows you to perform all tasks easier and faster, always have everything in view, and allows for in-depth reporting. Data is stored in a central database and analyzed for optimization.

  • The process-oriented approach:
    clarify, manage and optimize interfaces between processes and stakeholders, and identify deliverables. E.g., interfaces for integration into other systems. The new QDA service interfaces are very flexible
  • The system-oriented approach: Identify, understand, manage and steer processes. QDA takes care of all issues around features, end-to-end solutions from planning to complaints and the resulting improvements.

Our clients also repeatedly praise QDA’s accuracy, reliability, and flexibility. You will see that the optimal user-friendliness also increases your productivity in quality control. The continuous data acquisition along the process chain in real time and optimizes data analysis and processing simultaneously.


Excerpt of important QDA modules for managers quality control at a glance

QDA Software for SPC & Data Collection

QDA is one of the most comprehensive data collection and SPC tools.

Main tasks, such as machine capability inspection (MFU), process capability inspection (PFU) and online process monitoring using quality control charts (QRK), are performed by QDA while meeting and exceeding customer requirements. It can automatically collect data from more than 500 different types of measuring devices and includes up to 100 different fields and traceability functions. QDA SPC has a very comprehensive statistics engine which excels in reporting, free mode statistics, total statistics, import of data from gauges or systems and other strong features. As with all software modules, there is an optional selection of powerful tools.


QDA Software for Gage & Tool Management

With the QDA Gage & Tool Management module, you can manage internally as well as externally calibrated measuring instruments and devices to perform control tests and calibrations. The in-depth data acquisition functionality not only gives you the capabilities for all internal calibrations, but also the ability to manage your external calibrations, including the addition of calibration certificates.
The high degree of integration of QDA makes it easier for you to work with external laboratories, and also allows you to integrate other software systems, such as MES / ERP. In addition, the setup can be fully adapted to your workflow.
The tools in QDA ensure that you no longer have to spend time creating and sending lists for tracking.
You will also save time when carrying out your Measurement System Analysis (MSA).

Paint Shop Color Management

The color management module manages all quality-relevant data generated during the painting process. It compares not only the appearance of different add-on parts on the body, but also layer thicknesses or the surface condition of the overall paint. Color parameters (metrological and visual), single or total layer thicknesses, gradients and gloss can be evaluated as results in QDA and used as a basis for improvement processes in the plant.
With QDA Color Management, you have a powerful tool at your disposal to optimize the painting process at all levels, to further improve communication with the customer and to deliver better results based on reliable data. Our QDA color management software has many built-in interfaces for all known devices for measuring paints and guarantees you huge time saving in the execution, similar to SPC, but with special interfaces for connecting external systems.

QDA Software for Complaint Management

Do you want to identify all the details of the problems encountered, and the resulting complaints, faster and more securely than ever before? Then QDAComplaint Management will inspire you. With this QDA module, you can use automated workflow definitions to to achieve correct results with only a few employees. This module also integrates easily into your system landscape. Thanks to the integrated BI reports, you can analyze your business processes in detail, and using the an intuitive and targeted report, you decide on further steps to reduce your costs easier than ever before.

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wheel with all QDA modules and tools
wheel with all QDA modules and tools