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Would you like to record your measurement results centrally, visualize them clearly and control tolerances, measurement results and analysis sessions in real time? Then our MDM Management software is the perfect solution for you. Read more about the features and benefits below.

What is measurement data management (MDM)?

An MDM system is part of quality management. The management tool enables you to meet ever tighter tolerance levels with higher productivity. An MDM tool helps you manage complex audits and analyses, enabling you to reduce your costs, increase your profit and can make profitable decisions.

Disadvantages of production without measurement data management

Without MDM, you risk poor quality in production. You are unable to react quickly enough to errors uncovered by your experimental data, because you can’t find any clear causes. This results in high costs and dissatisfied customers.

Advantages of using measurement data management

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Visualization is the biggest advantage of an MDM solution. It allows you to manage all of your data in a single software system, detects errors faster and makes corrective actions that are taken more effective. A wide variety of tactile and/or non-contact coordinate measuring machines are used – both online and offline.

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Advantages of our measurement data management software

With our MDMS, you can visualize your measurement results company-wide and in real time. The software detects changes to master data even before import and, if necessary, locks it until it is released for further examination. This prevents erroneous data from entering the system. Statistical parameters (xq, sigma, min, max, etc.) and capability indices are calculated and evaluated automatically by the measurement data management software.

You can integrate images, such as graphics, photos or CAD drawings, even of 3D models. And this gives you clear, easy-to-understand evaluations and reports. Our measurement data management software offers you all common forms of presentation, such as quality control charts, histograms or bar charts in different levels of summarization.

The characteristics are imported once via the user-friendly Windows™ interface – including set values and tolerances. If you fill the software with current data stock, you will automatically receive the results in the desired display format.

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Other advantages

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Seamless integration of your tactile and non-contact measurement systems

Centralized management of your data

Standardized, automated reports supported with graphical elements

A common decision-making platform

Makes inline and offline measuring systems comparable

Automated, controlled import processes

Interactive reports with a single click

Added value through the use of our software

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The powertrain department of a leading automotive manufacturer, which uses the QDA SOLUTIONS measurement data management system and which has integrated more than 780 measurement systems, including 160 coordinate measuring machines in 16 plants, cited a dramatic reduction in reworking measures and wastage as a real advantage. Another advantage comes from the compression of data and the virtual elimination of the time needed to generate standardized reports.

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Functions of our measurement data management software

Manage master data and results from your measurement technology in a fully automated way

Access your master data in a central database application

Automated process and product analysis

Simplified reporting

Improved communication

Reduced costs by improving internal resource utilization

Advantages of centralized data

You can avoid errors that occur with conventional Office applications without a database connection if you use an MDM system. A central database manages master data from different sources in a clear manner: all report templates and results are linked directly to it.

Changes to display or representation objects (e.g. tolerances or other parameters changed by the user) are changed simultaneously in the saved templates. This ensures reliable results. The Import Manager in the measurement data management software recognizes specification changes made decentrally to the measurement systems and transfers them to the centralized master data history. This means your data also remains traceable.

Perfect compatibility

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As an open system, our measurement data management software allows you to import data via standardized interfaces (QML, DMIS, i++) and from standard 3D measurement machine protocols. Regardless of the measurement machine system used, the MDMS can process the data from any coordinate measurement machine.

This, in turn, enables easy communication with machines/manufacturers such as DEA, Edixia, ELISA, HOLOS, Mora, Leica, Leitz/Quindos, LK, LMI, Metrologic, Perceptron, QS-Torque, Stiefelmayer, Calypso, Wenzel/Metromec, Zett-Mess, Prelude, Karthe/MTA, Steinwald or Siemens S7. File formats such as XML, qs-STAT, DMIS, Cat, Zeiss UMESS, CSV or PLA are also supported.

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Benefits for you

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Thanks to the high flexibility of the software, all measurement machines can be connected. Our software solution is available on all mobile devices via the app or your web browser, and data can be captured both online and offline. By using our technology platform, you can also reduce the operational costs of QDA.

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QDA can offer any deployment option desired by the customer


All-inclusive: QDA + database can be hosted on Amazon Workspace, Azure, Oracle, Citrix, Terminal Server, etc. The choice is yours. You only need a login for this.


We install the measurement data management system in your environment

Operating system requirements

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  • 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Windows 10 (or higher)
  • Min. 4 GB system memory (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • 20 GB free storage space
  • Databases: Compatible with MS SQL Server Express, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL
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