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What challenges do you face every day as a Quality Assurance Manager?

You want to get “Quality Assurance 4.0” off the ground, but you must fight for the necessary budget? Production and company management likes to set other priorities for investments, yet the initial or expansion costs of “Quality 4.0” pay off better in the long term than many other investments.

At the same time, the shortage of skilled workers makes it difficult for you to find suitable personnel – everyone seems to need good technicians, engineers, IT specialists as well as mathematicians at the moment.

And above all, you are concerned with the question of when and how quality assurance can be digitized.


QDA was developed precisely for the challenges that arise in the digital transformation of your quality assurance.

QDA will help you master your challenges and move towards “Quality 4.0”

We streamline and improve your quality planning, shorten and simplify your production-accompanying inspection processes and give you completely new possibilities of data analysis. QDA supports you in integrating your metrology, supplier management, incoming goods inspection and complaint management extremely to make you more successful.

Many integration options available

The QDA QMS software is highly flexible. For example, you do not have to buy the complete suite immediately, but start with only one module.  In any case, you receive a standard QDA platform on which you can build.  Through the deep networking of data, teams, and systems, we achieve a deep integration into your system landscape (all MDE devices, ERP, MES, PLM, etc.).

QDA is a central platform for your data:

  • With us you can dissolve data silos in quality management
  • All parties involved can access the data at any time from anywhere, with the appropriate apps.
  • Automated closed-loop quality processes give you more transparency – everything can be tracked end-to-end, from design to marketing
  • Managing your quality processes becomes easier. Your teams can collaborate even more closely and identify or even prevent quality issues faster and better, thanks to the use of predictive quality data analytics



QDA inspires users because it is easy and intuitive to use  

E.g. Dark Mode possibilities – better for use in night shifts

Do you work for a global company?

Then QDA QMS software is ideal for you and your company.

Here is an excerpt of some QDA modules for Manager Quality Assurance at a glance 

QDA Advanced Planning and APQP

The QDA software module integrates APQP requirements, process flow diagrams, PFMEA (Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis), control plans, and work instructions to ensure a logical and consistent approach to manufacturing engineering activities. The integrated quality planning solution supports process-based quality management systems and continuous improvement, while the add-on modules Design and System FMEA, PPAP and MSA can be linked to the Quality Planning module. This results in enormous time savings – especially when creating APQP reports with the integrated report designs and templates, and when creating inspection plans from control plans. At the same time, you reduce the total cost of quality (COQ) and the cost of non-quality (COPQ) by integrating the quality planning modules with Data Collections and NCM.


QDA Traceability

The QDA Traceability software integrates your product and process data and helps to avoid errors, rework, and warranty claims. This module provides you with reliable traceability and measurement results and creates superior visibility into every part in every product cycle. You can perform tracking and analysis much faster in QDA with it. Also, by integrating with ERP, MES or PLM systems using the standard interfaces, your efficiency increases, your work is made easier and processes are significantly accelerated.

QDA supplier management

Supplier management software helps you optimize your supplier relationships.  The software complies with VDA and ISO 9001 standards and APQP, PPAP and PPR standards. In combination with our complaint management software, traceability to suppliers is included. You accelerate your processes and get the required results faster, with more transparency and control.

QDA Complaint Management

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This QDA module improves control over complaints with automated workflows and intelligent integration of your data. The software takes into account ISO standards and FDA mandates, as well as CIP and CAPAs, consolidates and analyzes results, and generates meaningful reports for faster and safer decisions.

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wheel with all QDA modules and tools
wheel with all QDA modules and tools