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You can use CAQ software to visualize all processes practically and incorporate them into your quality management. That allows you to precisely analyze your production data and document production processes. On this page, you can read about how QDA supports your quality assurance processes.

What is computer-aided quality (CAQ)?

CAQ is an element of quality management that uses computers to help determine a company’s quality assurance goals. It encompasses the entire lifecycle of a product, from drafting to release. CAQ software recognizes and eliminates sources of error with the goal of continually improving processes and products and reducing processing, reaction, and response times.

Disadvantages of production processes without CAQ software

In the line of fire

You can fulfill CAQ requirements to some extent even if you do not have CAQ system – however, doing so requires lots of staff and “paperwork.” Errors during manual data entry can result in incorrect conclusions and measures.

The result is increased production waste and avoidable costs for production, staff, waste removal, and complaints. Without a CAQ system, you cannot guarantee the sustainability of a product and the production process, and you endanger your good image.

In the line of fire

Advantages of production with CAQ software

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Predicting algorithms avoid production errors

Avoiding defective products reduces costs

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Avoiding waste and saving energy improves sustainability

Higher level of transparency in the entire product lifecycle

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Better internal communication by bundling all data relevant to quality

Support during the implementation of standards and guidelines

Promotion of an ongoing improvement process

Advantages of our CAQ software

Quality data comes into being everywhere during your production: During planning for APQPs, during the preparation of Failure Mode and Effects Analyses (FMEAs), as well as during production. You can use our CAQ software QDA to record your quality data centrally in order to create targeted evaluations. That way, you know exactly where you have room for improvement.

By systematically using our CAQ system and other QDA SOLUTIONS tools, you will increase your productivity and accelerate your “time to market.” Additionally, you promote good cross-department communication. The modules interlock and reliably record your quality data. In addition, we can incorporate our CAQ software into your existing IT infrastructure (e.g. ERP, MES, MOM, or PLM).

  • Approx. 75% time savings for initiating non-conformance issues,
  • Approx. 40 % time savings for processing non-compliance issues,
  • 30% reduction in staff costs

Advantages of the QDA SOLUTIONS modules


The user interface and workflow in QDA adapt flexibly to your requirements.


The individual modules can be used as integrated applications or as separate stand-alone solutions.


The software fulfills all of your quality assurance requirements, from conception and development to delivery and distribution.


From planning to compliance reporting, the software considers all information in order to quickly find causes.


You can trace the production quality of all company locations with a single solution

Here you can see a selection of customers that successfully use our quality management

Functions of our CAQ software

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QDA offers you software tools that map the processes in your company in the standard solution. All product modules focus on validated data recording, monitored communication in the company, and provisioning resilient dashboards for all hierarchies.

The QDA modules can be divided into two groups. The planning and design areas cover APQP, FMEA, and PPAP, for example. The results gleaned from this are incorporated into production modules such as SPC, LIMS, or Non-Conformance Management.

Our QDA solution is available on all mobile devices through the app or your web browser, and data can be captured both online and offline. By using our technology platform, you can also reduce the operational costs of QDA.

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SPC Software

Statistical Process Control (SPC) provides you with real-time information as to whether production is proceeding as planned, thus enabling you to intervene immediately should any errors occur. Our SPC software reduces scrap by 10% and save you a lot of time. All other advantages can be found under our definition.

LIMS Software

The requirements for laboratory work are constantly growing. Increasing quantities of data, strict regulations and careful sample storage are placing increasing demands on your staff. Here you can learn about the features of our modern labware which support your company.

Complaint Management Software

"Don't find fault, find a remedy" (Henry Ford)
In this text, you will learn how to optimize your complaints management and save time and costs with a modern non-conformance management software.

Supplier Relationship Management Software

Supplier management software enables you to improve, control and evaluate your relationships with your suppliers. This page explains how our supplier management software can support your business.

Measurement Data Management Software

Would you like to record your measurement results centrally, visualize them clearly and control tolerances, measurement results and analysis sessions in real time? Then our MDM Management software is the perfect solution for you. Read more about the features and benefits below.

Traceability Software

Traceability software helps your company to prove when, where and how your products were manufactured or assembled. This provides you with product liability and ensures compliance with standards.

Calibration Management Software

In order to ensure high-quality products, you must regularly check your measurement devices and have this check certified. Tools and equipment change over time, however, as a result of wear, damage or adjustment, for example. They are then no longer compliant with the necessary standards. On this page you can learn how to manage your inspection tools with our software.

APQP Software

When a product is of good quality, customers are satisfied. APQP software helps your quality management team achieve this goal and avoid errors. In addition, good advanced product quality planning helps you keep track of whether your project team is working well together and standards are being met. Find out more about the importance and use of APQP software below.

Body Shop Management Software

A body shop management system streamlines your internal processes, saves costs and increases efficiency. It manages the master data from all departments centrally in a uniform format and records data from the inspection technologies as well as directly from the production lines. Read on this page how our Body Shop Management software can support your business.

Benefits for you

QDA guarantees a quick ROI (return on investment): If you use our software products, you will achieve results with a high savings potential and, in the long term, secure financial advantages for yourself.

You create synergies because the modules for master data, interfaces to ERP systems, and so on can be used together. The systems communicate with one another in an intelligent manner. For example, non-conformance issues can be created directly and automatically from goods receipt.

Or you can productively use a test plan that was created from an FMEA. And if products or parts of products demonstrate abnormalities, you will receive warnings and information from the CAQ system.

Additional unique characteristics: The results are available quickly and around the world. You also benefit from unrestricted transparency and improved customer loyalty.

Ask us about possible combinations; we are happy to advise you.

Integration of the CAQ software

All-inclusive: QDA + database can be hosted on Amazon Workspace, Azure, Oracle, Citrix, Terminal Server, etc. The choice is yours. You only need a login for this.

Installation in your environment

Operating system

man is sitting in a lab and work on a computer
  • 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Windows 10 (or higher)
  • Min. 4 GB system memory (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • 20 GB free storage space


Databases: Since our QDA software is database-based, it is compatible with

  • MS SQL Server Express
  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
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We are among the leading providers of integrative and high-quality CAQ (computer-aided quality) software. Our customers include both globally active large companies from various industries and regionally active small and medium-sized companies. Increase your productivity with our software, and get ready for the digital future.

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Germanedge provides you with a digital platform for your production: PaaS EdgeOne. It includes not only the software solutions from the Germanedge product providers but also products from third-party providers that help you create a uniform production work center.

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