Why QDA?

As part of our continuous market and trend research, we asked ourselves the central question: How can we contribute to tomorrow’s quality management for you?

This has resulted in these essential differentiating features – here the overview:

  • Easy & Fun to use: You get a QMS software system that is fun to work with and easy to use.
  • It is a highly configurable system to enable open source governance.
  • Through multiple integration options, you get a “connected ecosystem” and your quality management is applied to a variety of systems, devices, products and partners to achieve the best possible customer experience
  • Easy and fast deployment to enable a fast implementation and immediate business value.

We can help you create value…

… with Predictive Quality: You create added value with Predictive Quality by addressing the root causes of your problems before quality issues arise.

Predictive Quality Process

… with the democratization of your Quality Management: By democratizing your quality management, you give users more control and ownership in managing and adapting quality processes and procedures. This allows you to respond more quickly to changing local conditions. Quality authority and responsibility are democratized across the enterprise.

Business trend: Quality management is undergoing a massive transformation process in which nothing stays the same (Source: Gartner)

Gartner Major Business Trends

Business trend: Acceleration of processes and decisions

This is illustrated by the following developments

Business Trends Development

We think that tomorrow’s QM will be driven by algorithms of captured data – these can be seemingly unrelated parameters that will subsequently provide the quality lead. Our customers wanted a system that would help them capture complex correlations based on the captured data, simply at the click of a button, to quickly gain new insights and correlations.

One quality manager who requested a demo of our software told us he spends about a third of his weekly work time collecting data – chasing after valuable information slows him down massively. He would like to spend the time more useful – networking and making the data available and accepted, democratizing QM.

Two further quotes
“Quality will no longer be a secondary issue, but will become an essential part of the operational strategy in tomorrow’s factories – quality management will require visibility within plants and across multiple globally distributed facilities.”- Quality in the Future of Manufacturing- Frost & Sullivan 2018

“If previous quality management lived on carefully reasoned causal chains, tomorrow the correlation of numerous, initially seemingly unrelated variables will probably lead to faster QA actions.” – Prof. Robert Schmitt – Chairman DGQ


How QDA helps integrate quality management into the digital factory

Quality Management 4.0 contributes significantly to the digitalization of quality processes and is an essential element in the context of the digital factory. It can start, for example, with the optimization of processes on the production line and the expansion of machine equipment.

We understand your specific challenges

Daily challenges in Quality Management

Are you a quality manager for the entire quality process, or do you have a focus in the area of quality assurance or quality control? Are you a manager responsible for the lab, IT or production and involved in quality management?

We have a great understanding of everyone involved in quality management issues. You will benefit from our over 30 years of experience from many customer projects, where mostly different areas were and are involved.

Learn more about this on your personal page:

The possibilities and advantages of our QDA software

With the use of QDA, you produce more sustainably by reducing scrap and saving costs such as with predictive quality methods. You can share information faster and respond more agilely to the modern demands of your everyday QM.

From planning with modules such as QDA Calibration Management Software and APQP Software, to production with SPC Software, Complaint Management Software, LIMS Software, Measurement Data Management Software and Body Shop Management Software, to overarching modules such as Traceability Software and Supplier Management Software – we have suitable solutions for almost all of your quality management processes. These are available to you on the basis of flexible and up-to-date licensing models.

The entire QDA product portfolio at a glance:

wheel with all QDA modules and tools

The summary to the question:
Why QDA?

Because with QDA you can ensure the future of your QM

Together with you we face the big and small, the existing and future challenges in QM. One main focus is the modernization and transformation of your QM with the latest methods and apps – towards Quality 4.0.


Because QDA is user-friendly

The user interface and workflow in QDA flexibly adapt to your needs.

image of a gear

Because QDA is integrated and customizable

The individual modules can be used as integrated applications or as separate stand-alone solutions.

Because QDA has an almost complete portfolio - from simple to comprehensive

The software meets all your quality assurance requirements – from design and development to delivery and distribution.

Because QDA is positioned for global player and also for growth-oriented mid-sized companies.

You can track production quality across all company locations with a single solution. As a growth-oriented mid-market company, you get a QMS system that is scalable and flexible as your business expands.

Because QDA knows your industry very well

There is deep quality management and manufacturing technology industry expertise for vendors in the automotive, food and beverage, packaging, industrial manufacturing, renewable energy and aerospace industries.

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Because QDA is safe, proven and offers valuable references

We are highly trusted by many well-known, mostly global manufacturing companies – satisfaction is continuously confirmed. Here are some Use Cases – Fiberline, LIMS at automotive companies, wind energy industry.

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