Producing food and beverage safely

The health of consumers is paramount. Accordingly, food safety is a key issue for companies in the food and beverage industry. Our quality management software QDA supports food and beverage manufacturers in complying with various specifications, avoids expensive recalls, possible compensation payments and ultimately also protects against a loss of image. QDA also supports you in achieving the high quality standards in the food and beverage industry. Despite different industry standards to be met (ISO 22000, FSMA, HARPC, HACCP, GFSI), we offer you a transparent, safe and profitable quality management solution.

We, QDA SOLUTIONS, support our customers not only with our quality management software QDA, but also with our longtime know-how to optimize your processes, analyze data and increase your ROI.

For the detailed analysis of your products a holistic quality data collection is crucial. QDA offers the right module for the different areas of the manufacturing process. From incoming inspection and the checking of temperature or moisture content, to laboratory tests with, for example, viscosity or taste tests, to outgoing inspection with the creation of the corresponding certificates. All data is stored centrally in a database and is available for the continuous improvement process.

Modular quality management software for highest standards and maximum efficiency

Below is an overview of all modules and tools available in QDA. Our software solution is modular: you have only one infrastructure, regardless of the number of modules used. Through the different modules we enable you to have a scalable digital quality management adapted to the needs of the food industry:

Maximum efficiency through process control instead of product control

By completely mapping the different steps of your manufacturing processes in QDA SPC, you achieve significant savings in the time and costs involved in checking the finished product. This gives you greater confidence in your quality and the freedom to pursue other goals.

Deviations in sampling from QDA SPC and/or QDA LIMS can be automatically created as internal non-conformities in the QDA Non-Conformance Management module. 8D (alternatively 5D or 3D only) reports can be generated from this for a continuous improvement process. Quality defects are thus detected and corrected more quickly – even before the product leaves the factory. Expensive product recalls are a thing of the past. Should serious defects occur in production, QDA can also ensure that production is blocked and provide feedback to the ERP system to block delivery. All processes required for this run automatically in the background of QDA.

Net Weight – the critical value in the food industry

Companies in the food and beverage industry need to be able to track and control processes based on net weight. This is not only necessary for compliance with various regulatory requirements and in-house quality requirements, but is also critical to the profitability of the business. Every milligram or milliliter too much adds up to a huge value in one batch alone and can therefore become very costly very quickly. Therefore, precise adherence to the required net weight is crucial and tolerances are particularly tight here. QDA helps here to really keep to these tight specifications.

Interfaces complete holistic quality analyses

The analysis of data has also become increasingly important in order to implement a continuous improvement process. It is important to include as much data as possible in order to obtain even more reliable analyses. QDA can be connected to your digital check weigher systems and other (measurement) systems through standard interfaces. All quality-relevant data is automatically transferred to your central QDA database, where it is available for evaluation and analysis.

Have we aroused your interest? Do you also want to profit from the advantages of a quality management software and know how QDA can be used in your company? Contact us today! We will be gladly advise you!

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