QDA quality management software supports you in centralizing your quality data to create target-specific evaluations.


When you consider your production, quality data is generated throughout the process. And it is not only in production, but also one step ahead in planning when it comes to APQPs or the creation of Failure Mode and Effects Analyses (FMEAs). The systematic use of QDA in each area of your company will increase your productivity and accelerate your time-to-market target. For a holistic evaluation of your product quality it is necessary to store all quality data in a central database to be able to make detailed evaluations and to know exactly where the potential for improvement is in your production. QDA supports you like no other software. The different modules are intertwined and are optimally designed to meet the unique needs of their respective area. The highly engineered design of the software gives you the confidence that your quality data is captured in the most optimal way and is automatically communicated to assigned interdepartmental contacts. Due to this design, QDA can be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure (ERP, MES, MOM, PLM, …).

Industrie 4.0

By using QDA, you are investing in your digital future, in preparation for Industrie 4.0 requirements. QDA can network with your machines, plants, products, and other systems for a greater analysis capability of your production. This way you optimize your value chain and remain competitive and efficient in the future. From the results of a three-year study “IQ 4.0 – Introduction of intelligent quality control systems through networked value creation”, QDA was further developed in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Fraunhofer Institute to meet the requirements of digitization.

Gate-to-Gate Quality System

The quality of your vendor parts is critical for the quality of your end product. Therefore, your quality control should not only be reduced to your own manufactured products and parts but should start systematically at the incoming goods inspection. This includes the direct link to your business systems, the integration of warehouse management and the use of dynamic inspection systems depending on the supplier quality. This leads to less scrap, rework and saves time and costs. QDA supports you as a gate-to-gate quality system that keeps an eye on your entire production quality.

360° view on your company’s quality

  • Visibility of your company’s quality performance across the entire enterprise, and the entire globe.

  • Proactive access to business-critical data and reports.

  • Full view on your total costs of quality including the costs for poor quality.

  • True visibility on your products that are down or need rework.

  • Ability to monitor suppliers and ensure you have the quality of your partners meets your requirements.

  • Discover opportunities for improvement via trend, chart, and report analyses.

  • Automatic alerts, alarms, and notifications

Overview about all modules
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Flexible and dynamic solution

With so many options and combinations to choose from, QDA modules and tools flex to fit into the unique needs of any company. Start with one or two modules and add more as your quality needs and production processes evolve.

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Overview of the QDA IT Architecture

  • Database driven software solution: MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • Integrated solutions: Interfaces to PLM, CMM, ERP, MES systems – SAP
  • Multi language: Unicode
  • QDA products are “Citrix Ready”
Schematische Darstellung der QDA Architektur

QDA Security

Integrated application security

  • User group management
  • User role definition and management

Active Directory Support

  • Seamless integration into the existing Active Directory
  • QDA role synchronization with AD groups
  • One system to manage users company-wide

Encrypted passwords (in system)

Support of PKI cards

Data about network security with SSL/TSL standard

Your Advantages

  1. Easy to use: The QDA user interface is designed to be flexible and expandable as needed, so that users can only see the functions that are important to them. This leads to a better overview and reduces the need for training.
  2. Integrated: The individual QDA modules can function as integrated applications or as standalone solutions. This reduces the redundancy of data and the costs for your IT infrastructure. By combining different modules and using a common database, the time required to create inspection plans or non-conformities, for example, can be reduced by up to 75%.
  3. Seamless: QDA handles all your quality needs from design and development to delivery and distribution. By consistently capturing your quality data in every area of your business, you can make more reliable decisions. Thanks to the unique QDA data structure, improvement processes can be easily implemented across plants and not only across product groups. This has a direct impact on the results of your company.
  4. Traceable: QDA incorporates all information from the planning process to the compliance reporting to identify the root causes quickly. Tendencies are easier to identify, so that appropriate countermeasures can be initiated early on, even before tolerance violations occur. This not only reduces your scrap, but also your total cost of quality.
  5. Global: Enterprise view of your companies’ quality in one solution. This enables you to keep track of all data from all plants worldwide. Global settings and tests can also ensure uniform company standards. As a result, the product quality is the same for all products worldwide – regardless of the production location.
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Benefit from the Germanedge group

With QDA, data from all data sources can be collected and integrated. The many years of experience of our partners in the Germanedge Group help us to link all other areas of a classic production with quality data.

This gives you a complete overview of the entire potential for improvement. You will therefore be able to see at any time how all the products you provide as part of the supply chain comply with the applicable market and quality guidelines. Risks are minimized and competitive advantages can be continuously expanded.

Together with our partners in the Germanedge Group, we create a complete integration of quality assurance into production. This allows you to manage your KPIs globally for all company locations and to understand exactly how the materials, processes, systems and other elements used in your manufacturing chain affect your costs, time-to-market and other indicators used to make critical business decisions.

The Germanedge Group, to which QDA SOLUTIONS belongs since 2017, offers the perfect platform for any production with EdgeOne. The platform enables you to implement your digital strategy across plants and internationally – intuitive, scalable, and state-of-the-art, all from a single source.
Germanedge’s extensive product portfolio includes the following areas, among others:

  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)
  • Advanced Quality Management (AQM) and
  • Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)
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