Integrating your assembly and inspection technologies

Body Shop Management Software Solution from QDA SOLUTIONS

Consolidated master and measurement data

Our Body Shop Management Solution integrates assembly operations with inspection technologies to optimize BIW (body‐in‐white) quality and throughput from a single system, a single point of control. In sync with the respected Japanese principle of “jidoka”, the solution establishes and leverages visual control to detect problems as soon as they occur, and move quickly to correct. These methods facilitate rapid elimination of root causes and have an immediate impact on quality, yielding a higher rate of defect‐free first runs.

There are substantial savings on data processing and production operations, and an enormous decrease in rework costs. Efficient and precise fault correction significantly reduces the number of tests that need to be performed. The net result is a nice boost to your net profits.

The QDA software suite forms the nucleus of the solution. It interfaces and interoperates with a full range of assembly and measurement systems, including those for spot weld, laser weld, clinching, laser cutting, and all other joint technologies.

Major solution benefits
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Major solution benefits and key features

QDA SOLUTIONS’s Body Shop Management Solution improves first time quality and drives down costs by bringing inspection technologies to the assembly line. It integrates different assembly and inspection technologies, allowing you to visualize and analyze process data aggregated with quality data. This in turn enables pinpoint root cause analysis in one system, regardless of the sources.

  • Consolidated master and measurement data
  • Automated convergence of graphics and data
  • Significant inspection cost reduction
  • Integration into dimensional quality workflow
  • Interaction with welding robots
  • Support assembly systems suppliers in prototype phase
  • Dynamic inspection planning from process data

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