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Supply Chain Management Software Solution from QDA SOLUTIONS

Navigating the strained chain

Manufacturing has grown globally at break‐neck speed. The chain of control is increasingly stretched, creating new challenges and throwing companies into reactive mode. At the same time, regulatory bodies everywhere are taking a harder line on quality issues. Regulators are keeping the pressure on when it comes to pre‐market quality and are forcing quality mandates further down the supply chain. Existing continuous process improvement systems have to be replaced or updated to align with ISO/TS 16949, FDA, GMP and other standards. “The buck stops here” is the policy, meaning that simply passing the blame onto a supplier is unacceptable.

You have to take responsibility for the quality of components produced elsewhere, no matter where they come from.

First‐ and second-tier suppliers located thousands of miles away may operate under completely different rules and standards. It’s not just that quality practices and control regulations may not be sufficiently stringent. Expectations from material suppliers can also be vastly different.

QDA SOLUTIONS’s Supply Chain Management Solution puts you in proactive control, extends your quality standards to your suppliers and helps you to develop them into the responsive and compliant partners you need them to be. Transforming the supplier performance management process from an adversarial one to a team effort with accurate data and corrective actions empowers achievement of broader continuous improvement goals.

Major solution benefits
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Major solution benefits and key features

QDA SOLUTIONS‘s Supply Chain Management Solution extends your quality standards to your suppliers, integrates incoming inspection, auditing, corrective action and complaint management ensures compliance with ISO/TS, VDA and QS 9000 standards and allows for proactive supplier grading.

  • Supplier integration through web portal
  • Automated 8D and PPM
  • ERP integration enables supplier grading
  • Link your supply chain operations
  • Dynamic sample planning and skip lot

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