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Integrated Quality Planning Software from QDA SOLUTIONS

Ensure compliance to internal, industry and customer specific standards

QDA SOLUTIONS Integrated Quality Planning Solution allows you to exploit the synergies of quality integration along several planes. The QDA SOLUTIONS software integrates APQP Requirements, Process Flow Chart, Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (PFMEA), Control Plans, and Production Parts Approval Process (PPAP) – ensuring a logical and consistent approach to manufacturing engineering activities.

The QDA SOLUTIONS software enables the reuse of common product and process information. If you’re supplying the same documentation or design for multiple products, processes or users, the time required to manually create copies from scratch can bury you. Documents for new products that share the same process elements contain redundancies that can be reapplied automatically. This doesn’t need to be a time‐consuming practice.

Major solution benefits
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Major solution benefits and key features

QDA SOLUTIONS’s Integrated Quality Planning Solution is an automated system that drives process-based quality and continuous improvement through accurate data capture and efficient information reuse. It supports APQP documentation including Production Parts Approval Process (PPAP), Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Control Plans, Measurement Systems Analysis and much more.

  • Project planning made easy
  • Part Family minimizes redundant data entry
  • Ensure compliance to internal, industry and customer specific standards
  • Links manufacturing and quality documents
  • Integrates with Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software
  • Concurrent engineering initiatives save time and costs
  • Ensures document and information consistency and control
  • Records changes dynamically and allows users to document reasons for changes

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