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Gage and Tool Management Software Solution from QDA SOLUTIONS

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As parts get smaller and harder to measure, the cost of measuring them goes up. As parts get bigger and enormously expensive, the cost of scrapping them goes through the roof. As the sheer number of parts that go into a manufactured product grows, the complexity of measuring and managing them expands exponentially. Gages control parts, tools build them. As a part’s dimensions change, so must the devices that measure and make them. Poor calibration that results in large measurement uncertainty causes erroneous and expensive adjustments to the manufacturing process and degrades product quality.

Major solution benefits
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Major solution benefits and key features

QDA SOLUTIONS’s Gage and Tool Management Solution improves cost control and ensures measurement, tool and process traceability through automated calibration and workflows. It integrates with other QDA SOLUTIONS quality software and solutions to meet the regulatory requirements.

  • Automated calibration workflow
  • Includes calibration standard templates
  • Improves your cost control
  • Traces measurements to its gages
  • Direct gage interfaces
  • Gage and tool crib management
  • Mandatory part of an integrated QMS
  • Optimize calibration intervals

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