How to easily process and clearly visualize your CMM data

Dynamic CMM data capture of the QDA CMM Solution measures and manages data automatically and distributes it to multiple flexible reports.

Quality is about ever tightening tolerances that produce a better product and higher margins through dramatic cost reduction. However, it is impossible to go too far down that path without condensing multiple complex inspections and analyses into easily usable management tools.

The ability to visualize data collected all in one system from a variety of contact and non-contact Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), whether in-line or off-line, adds enormous value and processing speed. When successful, this process empowers swift on-the-money quality decisions.

So, how do you take advantage of your plant or enterprise wide dimensional quality data to get actionable dashboards and reports?

Establish a data “hub”

A centralized database manages collected data from numerous sources and enables streamlining and efficient organization through features such as drag and drop replication of check plans that tend to get used over and over again.

With the QDA SOLUTIONS CMM Integrated Solution, any changes made to part specifications on CMMs will be reflected immediately in your reporting and analysis.
Previous values are kept and tracked.
The QDA SOLUTIONS CMM Integrated Solution is an open system that accepts input via standard industry interfaces (QML, DMIS, i++) and standard CMM protocols. It is independent of the measurement system used and handles data from any Coordinate Measuring system. This means transparent interoperability with devices from Perceptron, LMI, Metris, Zeiss, DEA, Wenzel, Leitz, Laser- Gauge and Mitutoyo, to name a few.

Real Time reporting = Accurate decisions

The QDA software makes dimensional data available for clear evaluations and distributes the information to any of a number of flexible reports. Data may be aggregated to cover a specific time-period and/or by production batch. Of course, an evaluation can also be structured to focus on a single unit, such as an auto body, and all the data associated with it. Real time project-oriented reports display mission critical information quickly for fast breaking decision making.

Convert 3D to 2D with MIBA

There are situations where exploiting three dimensions is not required or is less important than conserving resources. In this case, we use the MIBA feature to embed information from a 3D platform into a 2D image. This makes it often possible to use the 2D picture instead of a 3D viewer. Convert 3D to 2D with MIBAIn this way calculations between parts are possible and performance issues often associated with handling 3D data on standard workstations are eliminated. QDA uses MIBA not only instead of a 3D viewer for CAD drawings. It’s also used for creating measurement reports automatically.

The lead time to create a report is reduced up to 80% as all the 3D point information is available in the 2D MIBA format. The possibility of errors in linking characteristics to a picture or drawing in a report are virtually eliminated.

Enterprise data management

Data that is essential but used infrequently, for example for long-term statistical analyses or high-level reporting, can be compressed and accessed with full functionality as needed. When was the last time you tried looking at your plant or enterprise-wide dimensional quality condensed in one sheet? With the QDA SOLUTIONS CMM Integrated Solution you can do this easily. It delivers hard returns to the fundamental elements of manufacturing and assembly operations, driving efficiency through speed, accuracy and lower costs.

Data collection efficencies

Input from rapid-fire data collection stations are handled efficiently without delays. Attributes are pinpointed quickly, and templates are generated automatically. This speeds up production run time and enables agile decision making and responsiveness within processes. And, since real time data is put to work at an accelerated pace, alerting and notification procedures are set in motion quicker.

Integrated flexible reporting that gets the job done

This solution consolidates input from complex data collection operations into easy to produce, standardized and meaningful formats. Labels can be added, allowing tracking and search functions based on customized criteria, such as a specific operator associated with specific collected records or a particular machine, tool or production shift.

Tailored to the requirements of the quality, manufacturing and assembly professional, the solution contains all relevant charting and statistical calculations. It also supports many industry and OEM specific reporting standards that allow you to collect data and report on it, independent from the metrology source.

CMM solution

The QDA SOLUTIONS CMM Integrated Solution propels you down the efficiency path confidently via the application of leading-edge reporting technology and robust analytics. The QDA software tackles multiple quality requirements. This solution also optimizes machine utilization – allowing the software to handle reporting, analysis and quality control, freeing up your expensive coordinate inspection assets to continue gathering data.

  • The dynamic coordinate data capture functionality of the QDA SOLUTIONS CMM Integrated Solution measures and manages data automatically and with great accuracy.
  • Measurement readings are taken directly from all existing metrology and CMM systems and imported into the central QDA database. Unexpected changes in incoming master data are automatically discovered and quarantined for investigation or approval prior to being imported. This data integrity check guarantees that all imported data can be trusted and ensures a clean, well-maintained database.
  • The solution allows report template generation well before any physical parts have been manufactured. Pre-prepared check plans and reporting templates stimulate improvement processes, reduce prototype cycles and speed up time-to-market
  • Import and integrate images of various types – graphics, photos and CAD drawings, ensuring that quality evaluations can be clearly focused and understandable.
  • Intelligent filtering and acceptance of collected data are critical parts of the process. Metrology devices are pre-programmed to collect scores of broadly defined dimensional data. The CMM Integrated Solution allows you to focus in and capture specific data you need for the check plans developed to meet your specific quality or reporting objectives.

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