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Finito Digital Shift Book from our sister company New Solutions is a cross-factory and company-wide shift book solution. Simply enter Shift Book entries locally on a control station or on a PC and the data is stored to a central database. The system acts as your company’s “knowledge database” so you can easily evaluate the data and create focused reports. Finito also makes the distribution of tasks or instructions easy and helps you effectively prepare for team discussions.

Finito continues to engineer and develop the solution to ensure that the software is adapted to the latest requirements or changing conditions. So, you can be reassured that the Finito software is both audit and IT secure.

Major solution benefits
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Major solution benefits and key features

Finito Digital Shift Book makes handwritten shift logs obsolete and provides a company-wide homogenous recording of information, instructions and tasks.

  • Reducing research time up to 90% when searching for and evaluating shift information throughout the company due to centralized data storage without media disruption.
  • Reducing downtimes due to visibility of issues provided in malfunction and downtime statistics and quick access to solutions for similar past problems.

  • Reducing unplanned maintenance through identification and processing of systematic errors (preventive maintenance).

  • Optimizing production processes, workflows and safety measures.

  • Saves time in compiling and forwarding information to company leadership through automatic information transfer and aggregation for all hierarchical levels of a company.

  • Saving time in the preparation of production management meetings by distributing all relevant information promptly and simultaneously.

  • Continuous improvement process (CIP) through process oriented key figures available at the push of a button.

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