Stable and steady: QDA SOLUTIONS’s Sustainability Road

Once again QDA SOLUTIONS was successfully examined by EcoVadis for Environment Social Governance (ESG) rating and environmental performance and was awarded the EcoVadis Silver Medal and certificate for 2022.

In 2020, QDA SOLUTIONS was also awarded the EcoVadis Silver Medal and Certificate. This means that the efforts for environmental sustainability, sustainable procurement and internal procedures for labor rights and ethics within the company were well kept.

As part of the EcoVadis assessment, feedback is also provided with the aim of future improvements in the areas of environmental performance, procurement and labor rights. In this realm, QDA SOLUTIONS is committed to constantly and steadily improve its sustainability status, and therefore its respective rating and overall performance.

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic for absolutely everybody; government, corporations and society must work together to mitigate and adapt to climate change. According to the IPCC scenarios and studies, the Greenhouse Gas emissions have been emitted enough to cross some crucial thresholds that cannot be set back. More than 50% of GHG emissions are emitted by the industry sector, which is the one that needs to implement sustainability the most. “As a company, we are already achieving a good environmental performance. Let’s keep the effort upwards. Nevertheless, the IT and manufacturing industry has still lots to improve and develop. Partnerships and associations will be needed. We can do it together,” says Francisco Carrera, authorized signatory and Corporate Sustainability Manager in QDA SOLUTIONS GmbH. In simpler words: we all need to act now to reduce our emissions and waste, invest more in renewable energy sources, improve the quality of the produced goods and make them last considerably longer.

Among other things, QDA SOLUTIONS received positive mention in the report regarding the measures to reduce CO2 emissions from business travel, flexible work organization for employees, awareness training to prevent data protection violations and the integration of social or ecological clauses in supplier contracts.

EcoVadis provides companies with holistic corporate responsibility ratings using a global cloud-based SaaS platform and assesses each company on the issues relevant to its size, location and industry.

Many thanks to all QDA SOLUTIONS employees who have made this award possible through their commitment each day.